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Everyone Belongs at Union 

Union is a Spiritual Community for nones, dones, and deconstructors to seek authentic relationships and a deeper experience of God.

We welcome all regardless of race, ability, gender, sexuality, nationality, belief, and socioeconomic status.

What's happening at Union?

Here are some of the ways you can experience Union! More is in the works. Please check back soon.  For questions email us!

"The recurring theme of all religions is a sympathy, empathy, connection, capacity between the human and the divine – that we were made for union with one another. They might express this through different rituals, doctrines, dogmas, or beliefs, but at the higher levels, they’re talking about the same goal. And the goal is always union with the divine."

- Fr. Richard Rohr

Learn More About Union


801 N Cleveland Ave.

Loveland, CO 80537

(970) 682-4804‬

Small Group Space:

533 Grant Ave. 

Loveland, CO 80537

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