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A group of smiling folks having a great time together at Union Party

Who We Are:

We are a community for people with no or eclectic spiritual beliefs (AKA Nones); people who have had bad experiences that caused them to leave religion (AKA Dones); and those from a traditional Christian background who are questioning their faith and seeking more spiritual vitality (AKA Deconstructors). Union exists to help people seek authentic relationships and a deeper experience of God.

Translation: We are normal, unimpressive, everyday folks trying to figure out our lives and beliefs together.

All are welcome regardless of race, ability, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, belief, and socioeconomic status.​​​​

What We Do:

Some of the specific ways we explore God in community are: Small groups focused on spiritual growth, life stage groups, studies on spiritual topics, and family events.

Translation: We gather and have awesome activities and earnest conversations about God and life. 

​In the works are:
A weekly community gathering, a variety of recovery meetings with childcare and community impact projects.  

Who We Aspire To Be:

We want to be a place where people can be authentically real and know the presence of God.

We long to live full meaningful lives 

We seek to learn from and to impact our community through service. 

Translation: We want to help people see that spiritual community isn't what you see on TV. It doesn't have to entail crazy people forcing beliefs on you. It can be coming to an understanding and experience of God together. 

Our values:

Authenticity, Curiosity, Spirituality, Connection, Community

About Union

Our community is associated with the United Methodist Church

We are in local partnership with :

Trinity United Methodist Church of Loveland Colorado -

First United Methodist Church of Loveland, Colorado -

The Mountain Sky Conference of the United Methodist Church -

Got Questions? Email us!

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